Jessie Hamilton Featured Student

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Jessie is a proud graduate of the Fort Zumwalt West 2012 class. Jessie is definitely a Vision Chaser. Vision Chasers push forward in the face of adversity. Jessie would like for everyone to know that high school can be challenging at times, but not impossible. “I’d be lying if I said high school was all fun and games. I had to put in a lot of effort to get good grades.”  While some student would complain about the amount of work in school, Jessie always had a positive outlook. “Even though it wasn’t always easy, I had a great high school experience. I got to participate in awesome events and made some life-long friends.”

Like many students, managing time and responsibilities posed as the biggest obstacle to her success. “I worked between 20-35 hours a week, was in AP and college credit classes, Con-Chief of our school newspaper, and involved in countless other clubs. Attempting to manage everything and still have time for my friends and families often proved to be a difficult task- but I consider myself blessed that I got to participate in all that I did.” But don’t be afraid. Jessie was very successful in high school and had a great time. “High school was a blast! I also loved getting close to my teachers. They were always huge supporters and always blessed me with encouragement. The teenager in me really enjoyed school activities and leading popular events. One of my favorite nights of high school is when our school newspaper put a male beauty pageant.”

What made Jessie put in all this hard work? Jessie was always internally motivated by a vision she is still chasing. “I was really motivated by my future in high school. I have always been a dreamer and had high hopes for what my life held. I knew that if I did well in high school I’d be able to get good scholarships for college and have many opportunities available to me.”

She is currently attending Southeast Missouri State in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She earned a full scholarship as a result of her hard work during 4 years of high school. She would like everyone in high school to know that going from high school to college is a “huge” transition. “It is a whole different experience to not be forced to go to classes. Another big difference is that majority of the grades are based on tests and papers, so there isn’t much room for error. A cool part about college is that you really get the opportunity to explore your passions and pursue your interests.” Jessie has big plans for the future. Her 5 year vision is to study in 6 different countries around the world. She especially desires to serve the less fortunate in underdeveloped countries. Thank you, Jessie for your vision. The world is a better place because of you.

Always dream big and chase those dreams with everything you have – Jessie Hamilton